Preaching & Homiletics


A Matter of Faithfulness: An essay about James.

An Untimely Word: Reflections on Preaching in a Postmodern Society.

Are we a Church or a Burial Society?: A meditation about the nature of the Church today.

Austin 3.16: On Preaching in a Multi-Media Culture.

Elusive Honor: A Sermon on Genesis 4, about the 2001 terrorist attacks on the USA.

From Text to Sermon with Philippians 1.1-6: A Hispanic Perspective.

If You Just Close Your Eyes:Postcolonial perspectives about preaching and homiletics from the Caribbean

Preachers, Priest and Prophets: An Essay about the Theology of Preaching.

Seeking Common Ground: An Essay About Hispanic & Caribbean Theology.

The Three-Steps Systems:Biblical Interpretation for Preaching.

What Makes Preaching “Biblical”?:An essay about the criteria for Biblical Preaching.


History of Preaching

If You Just Close Your Eyes: A Postcolonial Homiletic from the Caribbean

Preaching God’s Fiesta: Toward a Postcolonial Homiletic

Preaching and Postmodernity: A Latino Perspective

On Sermon Delìvery